Dear all,

I hope you all got home safely (well, except Lynne, who will be staying on for a bit) and that you enjoyed this year’s Delta Lloyd Regatta.

On behalf of the DLR Organising Committe please let me thank you all again for all the time and effort you put in to give the sailors a fair regatta. It went really well and the sport owes you a huge thank you.

If there is anything that you would like us to improve on (or repeat because you liked it so much!), please don’t hesitate to let me know as soon as you have the time.

A special thank you to Margriet, John and Ana for guiding the jury through both the DLR and the Paralympic Worlds.

Finally, to those of you going to the Olympics or the Paralympics, best of luck & don’t forget to have fun.

Kind regards,


jDLR Jury 2016

Jury Tasks

OA Liason Meet with OA pre event. Daily contact on plans and issues Ana, JD
RC Liason Meet with RC pre event. Attend daily RC meetings Manuel
Jury Afloat Equipment Jury boat availability; Boat allocations; Fuel; Berthing; Radios, channels, charging; Flags - including medal races John B, Michal
Jury Ahore Equipment Printer; Internet Connection, Stationery; Internal Notice Board; Jury Secretary office. Margriet
Protests Procedures and panels; Case records; Time limits; Case notices; Hearing decisions. Ana, Hans-Kurt
Rule 42 Administration 42 on the water records; penalty entries; Posting. Sylvie, Sergey
Medal Race Umpire Presentation; Planning with RC - SI, Umpire teams, Race Information Sheets. Luiso, Manuel
EI Liason Meet with the EI / Classifiers team. Anticipate issues; Daily checks. Koen, Ilca
Q&A, Calls & Cases Draft Q&As, find relevant Cases. Hans-Kurt, Lynne, Leo Pieter, Other available judges.
On Water Allocations Daily on the water assignments. Luiso
Official Notice Board Check notices need by jury; Check jury decisions in scoring; Check ONB v Website Ralph, Joep
IJ Report Set up the Regatta report; Complete it post-event Giuseppe